WRHHG Briefing to Incoming Ministers October 2020

On 19 October, New Zealander’s elected a new government. 

Wellington Regional Healthy Housing Group Incoming Government Briefing, provided to key ministers, highlights key government actions across five areas that we believe can significantly contribute to seeing everyone in the Wellington region (and potentially all New Zealanders) in warm, dry and safe homes by 2025:

  1. Improving performance of existing houses and mandating higher standards for new builds
  2. Education and Research
  3. Addressing Energy Hardship
  4. Measures to address the urgent need for more affordable housing, and
  5. Measures to address and eliminate homelessness.

The incoming government already has some planned and promised actions that have potential to significantly contribute to the goal of warm, dry and safe homes for all, including planned RMA reform, review of the NZ Building Code and the promised introduction of Mandatory Energy Performance Certification at point of sale. [

The two-page WRHHG Incoming Government Brief can be downloaded here.

*NB: Kāinga Ora, though a member of WRHHG, opted out as a signatory of the Briefing as Kāinga Ora will provide a briefing to incoming Minsters specific to the mandate of the agency.